Take Advantage of Lower Operating Costs

For customers looking to manufacture their products in Mexico to take advantage of lower operating costs, GAC Genasco provides shelter services. In conjunction with our modern, secure facility in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, we provide a comprehensive range of options from basic manufacturing through to full-process, operational “turn-key” services, including:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Payroll and Benefits Administration
  • Mexico Import and Export Management Services
  • Mexican Tax Compliance Management
  • Environmental and Industrial Safety Compliance
  • Transportation Management
  • Local, State and Federal Government Liaison (permits and licenses)
Shelter Services Process
The following provides an overview of the process steps involved for engaging in shelter services.

  • Define Manufacturing Scope – Customer defines the scope of their manufacturing requirements including:  facility requirements, workforce and other services required.
  • Getting Started – Customer provides the technology, equipment, tooling and raw materials.
  • Setting Up – GAC Genasco provides the manufacturing location, obtains all required permits, coordinates logistics to transport materials into Mexico.
  • Manufacturing – Customer provides production procedures, standards and on-site management.  GAC Genasco provides support including:  human resources, accounting, facilities and supplies.
  • Quality Control – customer provides or establishes all quality and reliability standards.  GAC Genasco implements quality standards and monitors for adherence.
  • Customs – GAC Genasco handles all paperwork to facilitate requirements of the Mexican/U.S. border to comply with NAFTA regulations.
  • Shipping – GAC Genasco ships finished goods across the border to our warehouse facilities in El Paso, Texas U.S.

Benefits of Using Shelter Services
Taking advantage of shelter services allows our customers to initiate and maintain complete control over their manufacturing while minimizing the risk and expense associated with starting up a manufacturing company in Mexico.  Partnering with GAC Genasco’s experienced professionals to handle many specialized details associated with conducting business in Mexico provides the support and guidance required for a successful business venture.

Benefits of using GAC Genasco’s shelter services include the following:

  • Fast manufacturing start-up and no upfront fees
  • Reduced capital investment and legal commitments
  • Experienced recruiting for direct labor and management talent
  • Reduced labor costs and turnover
  • Payroll and Benefit administration
  • Expedited permits, licenses and approvals with government agencies
  • Assurance of compliance with Mexican environmental laws
  • Flexible manufacturing options
  • Assurance of Mexican Customs compliance
  • Reduced Mexican border crossing delays
  • Expert logistics support and co-ordination
  • Mexican Income Tax relief
  • Preferential duties and taxes (NAFTA)
  • Quality Standards.  Our manufacturing facility in Ciudad Juarez meets several quality certifications including: